Since 1963 A leading company

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A leading company since 1963 Founded by Aldemaro Casebasse in the early 1960s, the company soon developed in the pastry and ice cream sector, offering innovative products made of plastic.

The current president of Alcas Spa is Stefano Casebasse who together with his sisters, Stefania and Susanna, has managed the company since 1985.

The originality and innovation started by Aldemaro Casebasse (he invented the zuccotto container still in use) has been further developed in more recent years by proposing plastic as a hygienic, robust and aesthetically ductile material, capable of making up for the shortcomings of paper, cardboard and aluminum products, to the point of proposing an eco-friendly material as evidence of the strong attention to the environment. These characteristics have allowed Alcas to receive awards such as:

  • “TROPHEES EUROPAIN 2005” with line 02 Corn Bioplastic, best product in its category for respect for the environment
  • Appointed as Technical Sponsor of the 2006 Ice Cream World Championship.

The constant evolution in production techniques, the choice of quality materials and design research has allowed Alcas to spread throughout Europe and the world, currently counting on over 50 distributors. The continuous presence at national and international fairs has made Alcas a point of reference for operators in the sector, also demonstrated by the numerous attempts to imitate its new proposals.

The reasons for success

The continuous development of the production lines and the careful choice of raw materials has led Alcas to have the best quality items available on the market.

To achieve this, the choice of production sites fell on Italian factories where approximately 95% of the products are produced.

Another "Italian" element developed by the company is its design which shows its ability to combine functionality with aesthetic taste by always proposing new shapes and colours.

Finally, continuous research in the innovation and development sector has led to new materials and innovative solutions for ice cream and pastry making. For example, the BIO campaign is from Alcas with the use of biodegradable material to respect the environment.

Attention for the environment

From the collaboration with Nature Work, a leading company in research on eco-compatible materials, the technology was developed to use a plastic polymer derived from corn and therefore completely biodegradable (PLA) as a raw material.

This has made it possible to materialize Alcas's attention to the environment through the creation of a line of ecological products and to demonstrate how this innovation allows us to combine "plastic" with the adjective "ecological". In fact, in addition to being biodegradable, PLA comes from from an annually renewable source such as corn.

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